Recruitments go online: Is technology insufficient to determine candidate malpractice?

To get a job, candidates often tend to lie to project themselves as the best suitable person for the position they are applying for. Not only this, many of the candidates also try malpractices – like giving away bribes, cheating at examination hall, impersonating, etc – to get a lucrative job, especially a government job.

According to HirePro, a technology platform for enterprise recruitment in India, 30-50 per cent of people cheat at entry-level job assessments.
An analysis of assessments conducted with a sample size of 9 lakh assessments in the past six months, out of the total 43 lakh assessments undertaken over the past 12 months on HirePro’s platform also revealed that the percentage of cheating cases reduces to almost half for lateral jobs at 10-25 per cent as candidates gain industry experience.

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