IT firms give campus hiring a miss for FY25

Campus hiring has turned very feeble as Indian information-technology (IT) services companies battle macro uncertainties.

While the number hired in FY24 is at an all-time low, IT majors are not hitting the campus to give job offers for FY25 either. Experts say many are giving the ongoing placement season at tech universities a miss and may look at visiting campuses only after the January-March quarter.

One of the reasons cited by HR experts and placement heads is that the 2023 batch is still available for placement. Similarly, the 2024 batch would also be available in large numbers.

“We see some kind of a dip in numbers in the premier hiring segment too. Though hiring is happening, compared to what would happen in a good year, at present the dip is 15-20 per cent in this category. If one considers 2018 and 2019 as the benchmark years, and then looks at the current year, I would say IT services are down by 30-40 per cent at this point of time,” said S Pasupathi, chief operating officer, HirePro. He concurs large IT services hiring has been impacted the most.

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