Virtues of Virtual: How virtual hiring platforms help curb hiring bias

The endemic and its ramifications wreaked havoc on hiring teams and proved to be a defining moment for the recruitment industry as virtual recruiting and remote onboarding of the workforce became the norm. No one has been spared the fury of the coronavirus pandemic, from small businesses to large multinationals. A silver lining was that businesses were forced to accelerate their adoption of technology to better attract and retain their employees and consumers. There was a dramatic rise in hiring numbers within a few months of the onset of COVID-19. As businesses had to shift online, companies embarked on an unfamiliar virtual journey through digitisation.

Because of recruiters’ reliance on digital assessment tools and hiring platforms, candidates were able to showcase their abilities much better. The primary goal of eliminating hiring bias is to create a diverse and inclusive workplace. Promoting diversity contributes to welcoming different perspectives in an organisation, which in turn helps drive innovation, optimise or scale operations, and establish a positive culture that promotes growth. Global survey across industries found that 65 percent of companies have hired a new candidate without ever meeting them face to face. Recruiters now have access to a global talent pool and the job opportunities for candidates have multiplied as geographical constraints cease to exist.

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