5 Reasons to engage a recruitment automation partner

It was only natural that automation which brought about transformational changes in many industries made its mark in recruitment also. For the recruitment industry, it is a boon at a time when the competition is stiff, timelines are stringent, and budgets are shrinking. Recruitment automation can be the game-changer that delivers desired results. It automates repetitive tasks across all stages of recruitment, namely sourcing, filtering, scheduling, shortlisting, offer processing, and onboarding.

What benefits does recruitment automation bring that is making TA professionals embrace it willingly? A lot, if you consider a recent survey report published by Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Given below are some of the quoted benefits with respondent percentages:

  • Boosting efficiency (85%)
  • Filtering unqualified candidates (64%)
  • Improving ability to identify top candidates (44%)
  • Improved ability to reduce hiring bias (30%)

Also, it found 25% of organisations plan to start or increase using recruitment automation in the next five years. Recruitment automation becomes an enabling factor for organisations to find their most valuable assets – the people.

5 Reasons to engage a recruitment automation partner

However, if you are adopting recruitment automation, you may also want to consider a recruitment automation partner to help you leverage maximum benefits. Let’s look at five reasons to do so.

1. Improved employer branding

According to the Future of Recruiting 2023 LinkedIn Talent Solutions Report, the Employer Value proposition (EVP) is now more essential than ever. Most TA professionals are confident about increased employer branding spend even with shrinking recruiting budgets, indicating a clear shift in approach.

Finding the right people within the given time and budget constraints necessitates having a top-quality candidate pool. It is only possible if your employer branding initiatives yield the right results. Only an established recruitment automation partner can advise you on the best strategies for using limited budgets. Here are a few possibilities:

  • Creating branded hiring challenges that provide a fair-playing field to all candidates
  • Customising automated assessments for inclusive, bias-free selection, especially, for campus hiring
  • Fine tuning the collateral language (especially JDs) to make them more inclusive

2. Ensuring the human touch

While leveraging automation benefits, focussing on the human touch is equally essential. The LinkedIn report quoted above states that Generative AI will let recruiters focus on the human part of hiring, making it one of the notable hiring trends. Ultimately, it is the people that make up an organisation. We cannot rely only on algorithms to pick our colleagues. Instead, they can only guide our hiring decisions.

3. Identifying top talent transparently

Ensuring bias-free hiring is one of the prime advantages of recruitment automation. However, human intervention is essential at relevant stages to ensure the process remains bias-free. The automation models are trained based on available data, and systemic biases can creep into the algorithms. The SHRM survey mentioned above says 46% of respondents like to see more inputs on identifying potential bias when using these tools. The automation tool must follow ethical AI principles to ensure transparency. Also, detailed analytic reports on fraudulent candidate behaviours are a must to reinforce the integrity of your hiring decisions.

4. Enhancing interview outcomes

Adaptability, problem-solving, and business acumen rank among the top five soft-skills recruiters will need in the future – LinkedIn report. Industry leaders mention the need for interviewers who can map the JDs to the right questions during interviews. Interviewers must also be able to comprehend the answers to assess candidates fairly and transparently. A recruitment automation partner like HirePro, can provide expert interview services with customised automation to ensure the selection of best-fit candidates. Detailed candidate feedback reports are available to maintain transparency and integrity.

5. Ease your high-volume hiring

High-volume hiring can be tedious and tricky, with the possibility of hiring the wrong people under pressure to meet the numbers. Automated high-volume assessments ensure precision hiring backed by data insights. HR professionals quoted better quantity (68%) and quality of applications (59%) as automation advantages in the SHRM survey.

Both these advantages provide maximum benefits in high-volume hiring through improved quality of the talent pool. When you back it up with a recruitment automation partner whose tool ensures fraud detection, your hiring outcomes improve significantly.

These five points highlight the importance of engaging a recruitment automation partner to multiply the automation benefits. Leverage an RPO’s expertise to can meet your targets while optimising your ROI.