How video interviewing is changing the face of modern day recruitment

Video interviewing has become a widely accepted option nowadays for most talent acquisition teams. With the advanced technologies that are currently available, video interviews are as effective as face-to-face interactions for both hiring managers and candidates.

Remote recruitment companies find one-to-one interviews with job seekers very advantageous for many reasons, including spotting the right talent, being able to offer impressive candidate experience and being able to offer cost-effectiveness and brand promotion to the organisation. 

How video interviewing is changing the face of modern day recruitment

HirePro’s video interviewing platform follows all the protocols when it comes to recruiting new candidates. 

Here’s a run through the advantages of video interviews. 

Is a cost-effective process

Remotely conducted online interviews are extremely cost-effective. These not only do away with travel costs for the candidates but also save expenses for the company’s HR personnel.

The convenience and ease of these interviews save time and energy for job seekers who are pressed for time. The flexibility in scheduling these interactions enables the right talent in the hiring process.

Since these can be conducted remotely in two ways—asynchronous and real-time online, video interactions have eliminated the need for logistics that were usually required for on-site interviews, thus saving time and costs. Further, interviewing through a video has facilitated scouting for international talent too.

Involve visual evaluation

A visual assessment of skills can be easily done through video interviews, which allow HR teams to closely observe the facial expressions, appearance, eye contact and body language of the candidates. 

Many non-verbal clues get highlighted while interviewing candidates as a wide range of parameters can be eyeballed: Were the responses thought over carefully? Did the candidates take the time to research the company? Did they communicate ideas well?

Sending job seekers pre-session tasks asynchronously early on in the recruitment process provides an evaluation of their technical skills while enabling talent acquisition teams to screen the right candidates for the position.  

Have online video platforms

Another significant feature of video recruiting is the AI-enabled impersonation detection tools. This feature allows HR teams to match the credentials submitted by the job seekers in a live video interaction and weed out fraudsters and impersonators.

AI-engineered video interview automation enables recruiters to schedule interviews in advance and track and generate reports. Conducting both asynchronous pre-session tasks or real-time live recordings on automated platforms helps review them at any time to eliminate personal biases and assumptions.

Besides, they can be re-assessed by HR panellists at a later date to ensure a fair recruitment process. Besides, the online recruiting platforms allow company branding in terms of logo, colours or fonts, thus providing a professional and positive experience for the candidates.

Consist of a seamless flow of information

Many video online recruiting platforms integrate with apps and plug-ins to ensure automatic updates of candidates’ ratings, performance and experience.

A better assessment of skills and competencies streamlines the hiring process and the feedback that seamlessly automated AI solutions provide at the end of the interview helps in collating the information by letting HR personnel know what went right and what could be improvised, thus facilitating spotting the right talent for the job.

Video interviews are an ideal solution for hiring managers to assess the capability of candidates for placements across the organisation. With more advances in technology, virtual online interactions will continue to provide cost-effective, time-saving and positive experiences to both businesses and job seekers.