Nearly 50% candidates cheat in online assessments. Here’s how AI can help

Mankind has entered the era of Artificial Intelligence. While it’s not perfect yet, it can still resolve several issues effectively in no time. In the midst of the war for talent, not only it’s hard to find the right people but also guarantee if he or she is the right fit. An analysis of assessments conducted by HirePro (an automated hiring platform) revealed that 30-50% of people cheat at entry-level job assessments.

Some other findings are that cheating detection is most efficient when the proctoring combines all three forms – video, audio, and image. This combination is highly effective for online assessments as only 2% of cheating gets missed out. When the proctoring combination is of only audio and image, only 58% of cheating is not detected. And with image-only proctoring, almost 92% of cheating goes undetected.

To understand more and deliberate on fraudulent practices by candidates during job assessments in India, People Matters exclusively spoke to Mr S Pasupathi, the Chief Operating Officer at HirePro, an automated hiring platform.

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